What is Naked Furniture® and Lighting?

Serving the Community for over Fifty years.

Store FrontNaked Furniture® & Lighting provides high quality solid wood furniture. We are the largest unpainted furniture store in Toronto with a showroom of over 12,000 square feet. Our furniture is made in Canada and our finishes are from environmentally friendly low VOC products.

Let Naked Furniture finish your furniture for you. Just select your special stain or an antique finish from our vast selection of colours. Colour matching is our specialty. Naked Furniture is a favorite place for professional decorators to have custom furniture and condo size furniture made to order and finished in custom colours.

We have been featured in several TV shows and in Magazines. Steven and Chris show has used our furniture many times. We have also included one of the articles Colin and Justin wrote including our cabinets.

In 2014, we were excited to introduce lighting to our showroom. We carry over 5,000 different lights ranging from chandeliers, bathroom and kitchen lights, lamps, hall and foyer lights, mirrors, and exterior lights. We offer the best brand names in the industry while selling them at incredible prices.

Let Naked Furniture® be your source for high quality solid wood furniture and lighting fixtures.

We Are Eco-Friendly

  • We are an Eco Green Company
  • Our Furniture is made in Canada and harvested from Managed Forests,
  • We do NOT allow particle board as it emits formaldehyde.
  • Our Finishes are made from Environmentally-friendly Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products.